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Informationen zum Song

Originaltitel: Revolutions

Zu hören in:
– Credits (FFXIV: SB)
Videosequenzen (FFXIV: SB)

Komponist: Nobuo Uematsu

Arrangement: Tsutomu Narita

– Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
– Banri Oda

Gesang: Susan Calloway

Weitere Versionen:

– Eorzean Symphony
– PIANO Version


Stormblood: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 46)

Eorzean Symphony:
Eorzean Symphony II: Part. 2 (Track: 04)

PIANO Version:
FINAL FANTASY XIV: JOURNEYS Arrangement Album (PIANO Track: 07)


Sing a song of dawn
Dawn, the day reborn
Breathe deep of the dawn before the storm

This hearth
This home
Wrested forth from tired fingers
Bathed in blood
And sealed in stone

Souls scarred
Beckoned by the bells of vengeance
Spirits bold

A lover lost
A family torn
A solemn pyre raised to rouse the slumb’ring heavens

Fire in your eyes
Fire in your hearts
Steeled as you sound the horns of war

Yet know the cost
For who shall mourn
When light is quenched that another might burn brighter?

Let not the rays
Of justice blind
E’er trust in grace and she shall guide

Soft is the breeze that can set a petal free
And yet ‚tis the storm that doth see the petal soar
High o’er the trees in the throes of Liberty
‚Til unstirring skies consign her to memory

One kingdom’s fall is another kingdom’s freedom
One sovereign’s war is another sovereign’s peace
One mother’s pride is another mother’s sorrow
Their tears both soak the land that they love

Two lives
Two swords
Given in to shadowed whispers
Wicked words

Pray tell me true-
Doth louder toll
A rival’s cry
Or the oaths that spur her onward?

Your time is come
A choice bestown
Tonight, for unsung sins atone
This night, you need not walk alone

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