FFXIV – Lyrics: Dawntrail – Dawntrail

FFXIV: DT Titelsong


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Originaltitel: Dawntrail

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FFXIV: DT Full Movie Video (FMV)
– FFXIV: DT Videosequenzen

Komponist: Masayoshi Soken

– Masayoshi Soken

– Michael-Christopher Koji Fox
– Kathryn Cwynar

– Amanda Achen

Weitere Versionen:
– Open Sky


FFXIV: DAWNTRAIL 7-inch Vinyl Single (Track: 01)

Open Sky:
FFXIV: DAWNTRAIL 7-inch Vinyl Single (Track: 02)

„Dawntrail“ ist die Vollversion des Songs „Open Sky“ und spielt im Launch Trailer.


Time, no more once upon a time
Take flight. Find your wings and spread them wide

It’s time for the journey of your lives

From the ashes we’re reborn
Unto the heavens we ride
Fighting through the storm
Leaving our shadows far behind

Having walked right to the end
With one more trial we are faced
Turn back, transcend
Only we decide our fates

Where do we go? Where do we go?
Where do we go? Where do we go?
No more runnin‘

Tight! Seize the day and hold on tight
The sun is risin‘
Life, take it slow and take a bite
One day at a time

(Unwind your heart and find your worries’ll disappear)
(Here ev’ry trail is paved with hope)
(Tonight the stars align, our fortunes, are crystal clear)
Tonight the stars are crystal clear, they are.
(Now turn the page to tales untold)
All tomorrow’s twists and turn-tales to see unfold with each step we take

Just imagine what’s around the bend (maybe)
(Magic or mischief? Gods forfend!)
Endless marvels, myst’ries nowfound friends
(Wilder than wildest dreams portend)
Tender hearts or sorrow’s skies to mend (oh oh)
(Fill them with golden tomes instead)
Steady forward, there’s so much to see (for you and me)
(Together you and me)

Discover anew, the rainbow in you
And color the night in laughter and li-ight
The path we take is ours to create
Oh, running in stride, we can find our way
Yea we can. Let’s go!

On this trail but we can’t see the end
(Until we close our eyes so)

Tight! Seize the day and hold on tight
The sun is risin‘
Life, take it slow and take a bite
One day at a time

Our time to shine
Join in the salt wind’s choir as we wander with the tide
Come enjoy the ride
Hold your head up high

High, on the dawn we set our sights
A new horizon
Fly, ever forward, starry-eyed
To an open sky

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