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Informationen zum Song

Originaltitel: Flow

Zu hören in:
– Credits (FFXIV: EW)
Videosequenzen (FFXIV: EW)

Komponist: Masayoshi Soken

Arrangement: Masayoshi Soken

Text: Kathryn Cwynar

Gesang: Amanda Achen-Keenan

Weitere Versionen:
– Each Drop
– Flow Together

– The Ewer Brimmeth/The Nautilus Knoweth:
Alt-Sharlayan Themes
– Vibrant Voices/Perfumed Eves:
Radz-at-Han Themes


Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 52)

Each Drop:
Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 22)

Flow Together:
Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 35)

The Ewer Brimmeth:
Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 03)

The Nautilus Knoweth: 
Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 06)

Vibrant Voices: 
Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 55)

Perfumed Eves: 
Endwalker: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 56)

„Flow“ wird in mehreren Variationen in Cutscenes und den Stadtstaaten von Endwalker verwendet. Der Text beschreibt Hydaelyns Verbindung zum Krieger des Lichts.


Well come and well met, my brave little spark
How long you’ve wandered, burned bright as a star
Oh, I have awaited you patiently all this time
Past every fate

Now sing with me once more, share of your life
Far greater than memory, its loss and love words cannot hold
Boundless the tale overflows
And carries your light out to sea

Remember the rain, near and far beloved
Each drop a blessing from heavens above
And how as time flowed on those waters became one
Streams, rivers and lakes

Reaching for the horizon and far beyond
They carry onward however changed with each brief reflection, by setting sun
By storm’s wake
Til welcomed home to gentle sea

Sinking deeper and deeper in calm embrace
Loving tides sweep in and bear you down
Should you meet a soul rising surface-ways
With your unbeating heart, wish them well

Deep, dark, far away, I have heard your voice, weighed your every choice
Now our hands join round the meaning you sought
I’ll catch your tears, quench your fears with joy ‚til you near the shore
Where in time, all shall as hope be reborn, ah

Hush, love, close your eyes, and in sleep abide
As sun’s distant light, echoes down to dreams below
Know you will wake, on winds rise again
For this journey’s end is but one step forward to tomorrow

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