FFXIV – Lyrics: Shadowbringers

FFXIV: ShB Titelsong

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Informationen zum Song

Originaltitel: Shadowbringers

Zu hören in:
FFXIV: ShB Full Movie Video (FMV)

– Masayoshi Soken
– Nobuo Uematsu

Arrangement: Masayoshi Soken

Text: Michael-Christopher Koji Fox

– Amanda Achen-Keenan
– Jason Charles Miller

Weitere Versionen:
– BAND Version
Insanity (FFXIV: ShB)
Insatiable (FFXIV: ShB)

– Medley mit „Tomorrow and Tomorrow (Scions & Sinners)“ (FFXIV: ShB)
Endwalker – Footfalls (FFXIV: EW)


Shadowbringers: FINAL FANTASY XIV OST (Track: 37)

BAND Version:



Endwalker – Footfalls

Death Unto Dawn: FINAL FANTAY XIV OST (Track: 85)

„Shadowbringers“ wird in kompakter Form in „Who Brings Shadow“ verwendet, in welchem die Teile von „Tomorrow and Tomorrow“ und „Eternal Wind“ nicht verwendet wurden.
Ein Teil wird in „Endwalker – Footfalls“ verwendet.


For whom weeps the storm,
Her tears on our skin
The days of our years gone,
Our souls soaked in sin
These memories ache with the weight of tomorrow

Who fights?
Who flies?
Who falls?

One brings shadow, one brings light
Two-toned echoes tumbling through time
Threescore wasted, ten cast aside
Four-fold knowing, no end in sight
One brings shadow, one brings light
One dark future no one survives
On their shadows, away we fly

The road that we walk
Is lost in the flood
Here proud angels bathe in
Their wages of blood
At this, the world’s end, do we cast off tomorrow

One brings shadow, one brings light
To this riddle all souls are tied
Brief our moments, brazen and bright
Forged in fury, tempered in ice
Hindmost devils, early to rise
Sing come twilight, sleep when they die
Heaven’s banquet leavened with lies
Sating honor, envy, and pride
One brings shadow, one brings light
Run from the light

Authors of our fates
Orchestrate our fall from grace
Poorest players on the stage
Our defiance drives us straight to the edge
A reflection in the glass
Recollections of our past
Swift as darkness, cold as ash
Far beyond this dream of paradise lost

Riding home
Dying hope
Hold onto hope… Ohhh…
Riding home
Home, riding home
Hope, finding hope… Ohhh…

One brings shadow, one brings light
One more chapter we’ve yet to write
Want for nothing, nothing denied
Wand’ring ended, futures aligned
One brings shadow, one brings light
One brings shadow, one brings light
You are the light

We fall
We fall
We fall
We fall unto the end

One world’s end
Our world’s end
Our end
We won’t end

I am shadow, I am the light

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